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What Is a Catalytic Converter and how can it be Recycled?

If you have ever been aware of a catalytic conversion is then you’re aware it’s an important component in the emission system for cars. This article will instruct readers on what catalytic converters are and how they’re recycled.


A catalytic converter is an instrument that is installed to the exhaust system of cars to decrease the harmful elements that are released by the car’s emissions. Catalytic converters generally take away all toxic components of an engine’s emissions and transforms them into less harmful substances.

The purpose of Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are equipment that convert toxic gases that are in the exhaust of an automobile engine into lower-risk emissions. They work with a catalyst that transform hydrogen and oxygen into the air , causing reactions with the harmful gases released from the exhaust. The platinum contained in this fuel for instance it is used to trigger this reaction.

Why Catalytic Converters Should be recycled

Catalytic converters can be found in the system of emissions in your vehicle. They are able to purify the air around you by converting the emissions into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. Catalytic converters can also reduce the amount of unburned fuel that is in the exhaust by nearly half. This could be dangerous since fuel that is not burned can cause greater pollution and smog.

How to tell if your vehicle is due for recycling

A vehicle is recyclable if it is over 10 years old, and is accident-free for the last five years. This is at the very least four months in a row with no incidents. The vehicle must be in a good working order and be registered.

What Type of Auto Junk Yard Should You Go to?

There are three kinds of auto junkyards. The first type is known as the universal junkyard. This type of junkyard provides various parts however, it does not sell related parts. The second is the salvage yard. These yards specialize in the sale of salvageable components used to fix the other cars. Then, there’s the automobile wrecking facility. This junk yard specializes cars and dismantles them for their parts.


Catalytic converters are an emissions control device that can be in automobiles as well as many other combustion engines with internal combustion. It made use of physical and chemical processes to limit the quantity of harmful pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons emanating from the exhaust pipes.

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