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You could sit down and access your favorite hi-tech gadget like a smart phone or laptop. Entering all your commitments into a digital device may make you feel more organized, but you still have to do all the stuff you’ve entered on that tiny QWERTY keyboard. Organizing the big events in life is relatively easy. All you need is an appointment book or electronic personal organizer and you’re good to go. Write down your big dates and prioritize. What’s so tough about that?

One of the biggest risks to these is damage from other objects. They may tear, rip or become marked up when items are loose in bags. To protect books and magazines, special holders can be used.

“The Bachelor” has produced many couples on and off the TV screen. The most recent news to come out of the reality dating show is that Ashlee Frazier has just recently found herself a new man in her life. The third runner-up didn’t get the final rose from Sean Lowe, but according to E News on April 10, she is now hooked up with former bachelor, Brad Womack.

Personal service. There are many types of personal services in this day and age. One of the classic personal services is maid/cleaning service. Another personal service is a personal chef. Or another personal service is a imaginehomeorganization. Or even a personal trainer. Or a life coach. The key to hiring a personal service as a gift is that it should be something fun that your Mom would appreciate, and not something where you are pointing a finger at something your Mom needs to improve. So if you think Mom should go on a fitness regime, don’t hire her a personal trainer. Ask Mom what she would like instead. It should be what she wants – not what you want, that’s the whole point of a gift.

After you’re done, you want to put a maintenance plan in effect to insure continual comfort and psychological health. Once a week, more or less, check in and survey your home or office. Throw away or file away everything you can. Organize bills in a chronological fashion and keep in some sort of TO BE PAID stack. Look at it every week and see what needs to be paid. Debts (like excess pounds!) are definitely a form of clutter. Check out your closets and clothes drawers with every season’s change, or just at the New Year, to clear out the C items, and survey the B items.

When it comes to connectivity options, you can use Bluetooth as well as USB. If you want to buy a sleek and compact mobile phone with several options such as making calls, sending SMS, taking odd photos and more, this Sony Ericsson phone is just perfect.

Even if you do most everything on your computer or your other helpful electronic devices, you’ll still need to keep hard copies for references. If you have an auto to sell, you’ll need papers and will need to know where they are kept.

Organizing your sock drawer may be the key to your success. And you may find the matching sock to that lone ranger lurking in your sock drawer for weeks.