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Choosing for a gift nowadays is not as difficult just like before since there are many gifts to choose from. There are gift shops that offers to have gift customization to makes it more unique and more meaningful to someone whom you would like to give the gift you buy. Together with this great progress in terms of gift giving even star naming or star buying is possible. True, there are no impossible but only possibilities in the name of love.

There are many registries such as the national star registry, World Wildlife Fund for ‘adopting’ animals, Farm Africa, buying an acre of rainforest or an acre of Mars. It is definitely outside of the box but a unique thoughtful gift depending on what your dad enjoys supporting.

Here is the general criteria: 1) Overall impact on their team; 2) Overall impact on their sport; 3) Overall importance of the sport in the city’s landscape; 4) Hall of Fame/longterm potential impact on the sport.

Beyond his performances, Jackson was also a inspiration off the stage with his humanitarian efforts. Today it is fashionable to spend some time in Africa or hold charity functions but back when Jackson was spending so much time and effort on his global outreach, it was almost unheard of. Since then stars like U2’s Bono have stepped in to join him.

Find a “countdown clock”. The clock can be set for the number of days until their wedding date. Each day the clock will eliminate one day until they will be married.

Manny Pacquiao is a boxing star that dominates the headlines even if he doesn’t win the round. The popular celebrity isn’t thinking about boxing at the moment and it’s worrying the fans. As the only boxer to win eight different weight classes is in the middle of campaign season, the last thing he is thinking about is throwing a punch in the ring. On Wednesday the star talked briefly to The Philippine Star but didn’t want to discuss boxing at all.

It’s reported that Shania’s presently dating Frederick Thiebaud, husband of Marie-Anne, who’s still enjoying an extremely close relationship with Shania’s ex.

You know you’re hard-pressed when Valerie Bertinelli tops the list of famous people born in your state. I’m not saying the state is trying to pad its numbers. But come on guys, she’s divorced from Eddie Van Halen and One Day at a Time went off the air in 1984. You got E. I. du Pont and Henry Heimlich of help-I’m-choking-on-a-piece-of-steak fame. Aren’t two famous people from Delaware enough?