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Nobody likes to think about the end of life. And yet, many seniors, and their families, are choosing to plan for the end of life. They know that funerals are expensive, and that funeral home usually need to be paid right away. They also know that this sad time will mean losing time from work, settling debts, cleaning out a home, and many other things that will require money.

Many people that have terminal diseases an are near death choose to purchase this type of policy. One reason for that is the cheaper premiums. Most polices range from $5,000 up to $50,000 and have a simple face value because they are meant just for funeral and burial costs. You do not have to worry about medical exams for this policy like you do with many life cover policies.

But if you worry about needing to come up with this money, you are not alone. And products called best final expense insurance or burial policies have been popular in the market thse days. These are actually smaller face value whole life insurance policies. They have face values that range from a couple thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. And because of the smaller face value, compared to other life insurance policies, they have been designed to be easy for older people to obtain.

Well, that’s great, except life does not always work out that way. The savings we pinched pennies to put away do not go as far as we thought they would. Some of us lost jobs and had to take out a second mortgage, and so we still owe on our home. Some of our kids did not take off as quickly as we thought they would, and we may even have them, and their own children, depending upon us. Besides, we think it would be nice to leave them something if we pass away, and we certainly did not mean that something to be a funeral bill and other debt!

It is great to know the complications, which may very well come as a result of this disease, yet I have great news to share. Knowing a head of time allows preparation and planning. Our families will be the ones chosen to go back and forth fetching the things that we need until we are healthy again or pass on, so let’s do everything within our power to get and stay healthy by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising daily.

These people are in real need of these policies and are instant customers. They can imagine how terrible it feels to lose someone and not be able to pay for the funeral expenses. They have gone through the stress of having to ask for financial help.

Most agents don’t focus on one thing or they do and then can’t keep there book of business because rates keep going up and they have to start over every year or the Government changes regulations and all those agents run to the next hottest thing.

The loss of my Parents, and my aging has taught me the importance of NOT putting off protecting my health, and life until it’s to late! I’ve protected myself, and my family, and I hope my article convinces you too also! Trust me when I say, the small monthly insurance premium expense is far worth the protection, and peace of mind!