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Lots of people have a question regarding Blog. What is Blog and how it is operated or builds? In present scenario Blog is an amazing thing. We use the word ‘blog’ in place of ‘Web Log’. Now the question arises why do we use the term blog and what are the advantages of writing a Blog?

travel blog s: Do you like to travel? Do you find excitement in discovering great travel deals? Then creating a my blog may be right up your alley. You never know, helping others find great travel and exotic locations may even broaden your horizons.

A good travel writer must be curious about new places and people and should be completely bitten by the traveling bug! A wanderlust that is difficult to satisfy! So first and foremost, travel a lot and visit new places if you want to make your mark as a travel writer. If you are writing for a site, then write in such a way that you would if you were actually there at the spot!

Promoting others includes doing three things for them: referring, following, and commenting. All of these things are about contributing to the buildup of social buzz for the other person.

Blogs like these are very “link embedded”. Within any given post, you’re navigated through the article or webpage with keywords encouraging you to click on an embedded link. That link leads you to another article or even another webpage where you’ll get further information for what you were looking for. What’s great about this form of blogging, is that, it brings together like-minded people with similar interests, further narrowing down the target audience. Your success will however be determined by how much of an expert you become in your niche. And the more knowledgeable you become the more useful the information you provide.

You can write about your travel experiences as a ghost writer for the blogs of others. There are people who hire writers and they pay for each post you give them. To keep blogs fresh and interesting different and unique content is needed. The task of writing fresh articles every few days is not easy. The blog owner gets relieved of a huge load off his shoulders when he hires writers to write for his blog. 400 to1500 word posts will make apt articles for blogs. Writing for blogs is much easier and lucrative than writing for newspapers and magazines.

These niches are just several among a bucket list. I want to also note you must love what you decide to blog about. Having a passion for your niche will help in thinking of new article ideas. It’s pretty hard to write about something you’re not passionate about. It will deter you and your consistency as a blogger will begin to wane. And as a blogger writer’s block is inevitable. Love what you do!