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Blogging gives you a great way to learn some extra cash. You can even turn blogging into a full-time career, or a new business. Getting started as a freelance blogger is simple. All you need to do is create a blog, make a few blog posts (these are your work samples), and then look for blogging gigs.

The first thing that you need to do is to identify your goals with guest blogging. Many people just believe that increased web traffic is the only goal. However, you need to identify the depth of these goals. For example, what is the source of the traffic that you are expecting and how many visits would you like to aim for each day. Having these goals clearly in mind will help you to be better focused.

I’ve spent the past three and a bit years actively blogging with several personal and business blogs. In total I’ve spent over 105 full 24 hour days writing blogs. That means I’ve lost that time to income generation. While I was blogging I wasn’t earning money. A third of a year gone without cash. Not a pretty thought.

You’ll get lots of takers, because blogging for someone else is added exposure for bloggers, and many will take you up on the offer. Of course, you’ll need to reciprocate, and write the occasional entry for others.

Brand exposure and awareness goes up with this type of marketing. There are some people who get as many as 1000 unique visitors per day to their site just from their guest blog. This is definitely an added bonus because people tend to remember the name of your website even if they glance at it once. And in turn, these people will spread the word if they find credible and interesting material on your site.

Many vbloggers are using video Blogging and browsing to create their own miniprograms, using an RSS feed to deliver new episodes automatically. Others are experimenting with the new technology. Like any new community technology, there is no telling where vblogging is going to go in the future.

In order to keep your blogs really fresh, invite a group of your friends / colleagues and give them blogging access. That way you will have several reporters blogging information and you won’t end up killing yourself, trying to keep your blog populated with good information. If you use Blogger, upgrade to Blogger Pro. You can have your team post to the blog from email, create and syndicate your blog as an RSS feed, and a whole lot more! Adding the ability to post comments on your blog extends interactivity and usefulness to the blog itself.

Give that a try and test the results for yourself. If you’re new and want to make money blogging, use these blogging tips as a guide to help you grow your blog, practice your writing skills daily and weekly and with each improvement you should see traffic start to migrate to your blog just from using these blogging tips.