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Perhaps, we begin writing our autobiography. We get the table of contents and the introduction written, then we let it sit because we don’t think anyone will care.

Besides a fellow sycophant progressive, is there anyone who does not recognize this for what it is? This is clearly the most blatant effort yet by the Usurper to plant the seeds of future FCC actions, through regulation and NOT through law, to quell the disparate voices that call him out at every turn.

Have Your Marketing Materials Ready – Take a look at your business cards, website, brochures and any other marketing materials you plan to share at the event. Do they accurately describe your business and the services you offer? If not, spend some time re-working your materials or reach out to a graphic designer or web specialist who can give your marketing a fresh look.

If the celebrity is already going to be in your city, your expenses will be far less. Be as specific as possible with your request, in other words, know what you want the Celebrity to do at the event. For example, do you want them to host has MC, be a professional speaker, accept an award? Remember the “gate keepers” are busy busy people, so be as specific and to the point as you can.

From Feb. 16th through March 27th draw the line between reality and illusion when Dallas-based collectors Karol Howard and George Morton guest curate this exhibit of Asian contemporary art showcasing the works of local artist Kana Harada. She traveled with two collectors to Japan last spring. The exhibit aptly titled Between Reality and Illusion also features pieces from Michael Kon Li Yonbin corporate keynote speaker Liu Ren Lui Ding Shintaro Sato Hiroyuki Doi and University of North Texas graduate Xiaoze Xie. Hours are Tues.-Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Marty Walker Gallery, 2135 Farrington Street in Dallas. For additional details, call 214-749-0066.

Just choose to be happy and grateful for what you have right now. It’s where you need to be on your way to where you are headed. The choice to be victimized by your own choices or to view them as a learning opportunity is simply a matter of attitude. You can be happy or you can whine. I know that you, like me, get tired of people whining about their jobs. But people blame their jobs, their lack of success, their lack of finances, and their lack of opportunities for their lack of happiness.

While you are the leader among the masses in the group, you will have to deal with those that will not agree with the change. Make a plan to stop the problems before they start by showing your leadership skills and mapping out the changes. With the business speaker you will be able to lead your group to excellence in their endeavors.