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On my quest to understand the sexes. I have been on pursuit of this for about a year now. Well a wee bit over a year. I was doing it to see if I could understand my ex but I am realizing that it was never he as a man but it is his personality. So while you read all your relationship books and self help, dating, ya diya di ya, remember that PERSONALITY is different from person to person despite their sex. I wanted to dig up an old entry and dissect it a little. I want to compare it to what I have learned this past year. Heck, some of my readers say I have learned a lot since I started my ‘Lessons in Love’ series. I agree and that has just been a few months ago.

Have you known your beloved long enough to have one epic argument? If you are still making goo goo eyes at each other, you don’t know each other well enough, yet. It takes two years to really know another person. If you have known him for six months and really feel you know everything there is to know about him, you should be alarmed. This sounds like a person who lacks depth and substance. If you are so in love that you are just sure you are ready to get married, you will still be in love in another eighteen months, but, you will be much more prepared to be married because you know each other so much better. When should you get engaged? When you have dated for at least eighteen months – two years while living in the same area.

Like a computer with many windows opened, is the mind of a woman. She always has things going on in her mind at one time. Whereas a man thinks on one thing and solves the problem, then he would be able to close that window. A woman, on the other hand, has several things up and running at once. She always has unwanted pop ups clogging her task at hand. Believe it or not women cannot help that these unwanted pop ups are interrupting her day. As one woman says, ‘there is never a time that a woman doesn’t have something on her mind’. Why is she rambling on so much? Well is she rambling or does she have all these windows opened? She is thinking about all these things at all times.

Food isn’t just food to me. Food is emotional- I lose when I’m happy, goal focused and busy. I begin eating when I have time on my hands, stressed or unhappy. In recent years, eating also became an act of rebellion, mostly against myself.

It is when you are lonely and depressed that you definitely require the love and care of your friends and family. Along with the subliminal messages, the support you can derive from them will further enhance your self-esteem. You will feel the love again, and this is the love that will propel you to share the emotion with others.

First, whatever it is that made you think “my girlfriend doesn’t love me” should be specified. It is because she’s no longer enthusiastic with you? If you think your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore, what was it that changed in the How to get your ex back? Did the change happen slowly or did it occur overnight?

If you are getting married and have considerable assets, you may wish to insist on a pre-marital agreement (or pre-nup, as it’s more commonly referred to). A family legal team can help arrange that for you.

I once heard, “What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God (Eleanor Powell).” Let’s share our love for God by attending and respecting His desires for all of us, including Mass.