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After spending countless years and hundreds of dollars, my hair stylist finally introduced me to the perfect product line for my hair, Frederik Fekkai. Until that day, I had never even heard of Frederik Fekkai. I had asked her before what I should use on my hair to prevent split ends and to tame my thick, frizzy hair and she suggested products like Nexus, BioSilk and a few others. All of them did well but the problem was I was spending way too much money and using way to many products at the same time. One for this, one for that and the list goes on. That is, until she introduced me to Frederik Fekkai.

Trolleys for staff are a good idea, so that your staff can use any workstation, and have everything they need. This also means that here won’t be any scissors or other hairdressing equipment lying around.

Doctors say that a normal adult loses about 100 hair strands every day. When you are stressed out for some reason, this number increases significantly. In most cases, extreme emotional stress due to child birth, job loss, illness, and the death of loved ones is the reason for sudden hair loss. Women, in particular, are susceptible to stress related hair loss during pregnancy. Let us now take a look at some useful tips which can help you treat loss of hair caused by stress.

Drink lots of water! Always keep a bottle of water in your car, in your purse or at your desk. Not only does it leave your skin soft and younger-looking, it also fights acne. Also, try to stay away from processed food. Eat food that is alive – fruits and vegetables are very good.

Frizzy hair. Heat can be a nightmare for hair but unfortunately we all subject our hair to it with the use of dryers, straighteners and other equipment. To help prevent frizzy hair, don’t blow-dry your hair straight away. Instead, after washing or wetting your hair, apply an anti-frizz product. When it is almost dry, blow-dry and style your hair as normal, but not before applying some heat-protecting spray!

Be careful of the products you use on your hair. Shampoo, conditioner, and styling products can not only leave hair looking dull, but they can actually slow down growth because of build-up, dryness and damage. Stay away from shampoos that contain chemical such as parabens and Sodium Laureth Sulfate You’ll often find these ingredients in drugstore products, so it’s best to purchase your silicone free shampoos from a natural source. Natural products will help grow straight hair as they will not strip away sebum or weaken your tresses.

Every one of us are different in our DNA structure and that requires extensive research into what is the best possible solution for the cure of balding hair.

Drink well: Consume enough amount of water since good hydration also means healthy hair. Take good care of your hair in summer and see them shine and bounce when monsoon arrives!