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Every person who is making a plan for Dubai Holidays should have to wait for a while because I’m going to shed light on 5 things that you must do during this trip. Check below the details of them.

Apart from these energy splurging activities, sightseeing tours in Dubai can advice you on where to go and what to get a glimpse of at night. But if you’re well versed with the areas and roads of Dubai city, you can move out along with a group on your own; but don’t forget your cameras. The Burj Al Arab as well as the villas and resorts on the Palm Islands are beautifully lit up sights you shouldn’t miss. There will be many Arabian Night parties held during this month in the resorts in Dubai. Such parties can also get you acquainted with Arabian culture, entertainment and cuisine.

If you like adventure then too Dubai will welcome you with plenty of it. You can go for the desert safari in dubai on car or desert bikes and enjoy a great ride. Food lovers will find Dubai as a heaven. There are endless numbers of restaurants in the city, serving dishes from all over the world. No matter what your taste buds are craving for, you can find that in Dubai.

If you are planning a getaway at higher altitudes, remember that the sun is quite intense in these areas. Your skin becomes more prone to hyper-pigmentation. Double check that you have packed a tinted moisturizer or an anti aging formula that takes care of photo-aging issues.

Most commonly, tourists end up looking at the various attractions a place should offer more so than a resident of that city. Just focus on it, how well do you really know the tourist attractions around you? Chances are you’re more familiar with sightseeing in another city that you visit often on vacation, right? It’s quite humorous how that works out.

The national parks of Rajasthan will make you spellbound. You can see the beautiful animal and bird species in these parks. It is indeed a wonderful experience. If you are an environmentalist or an adventure lover, you can visit the Ranthambore national park. It will be an amazing experience to have a safari drive inside the park and be one with nature.

EXCURSIONS: No matter how modern the Middle East becomes, the romance of Old Arabia is still there, and you can catch a glimpse by heading out to Fujairah on the east coast for some snorkeling and diving or over to Oman with its traditional villages, mountains and waterfalls.