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The reason why more people do not take advantage of the power of content marketing and article marketing is even with endorsements like those from Entrepreneur Magazine, they still do not get the enormous power of regular content creation.

Second, make sure that your Working it out together are related to what you are selling online. I mean… you could write about anything, and I’m not here to tell you that you can’t, but if you want to get people who are likely to purchase your products, you need to write about topics related to your products. If you want to earn your readers trust, I suggest that you only write about what you know.

Google loves content filled websites and visit your website again and again if you add fresh Online content everyday regularly and the opportunity to earn money with the free natural traffic you will through Google. There are many methods through which you can monetize your website when you get sufficient traffic.

This might seem too forward – making assumptions about her just by looking at her – but it really is an underutilized topic of conversation. By inserting an instant observation that you made about her into the conversation, you can get her to open up about herself (either because she agrees with you, or she is trying to prove you wrong) and get the conversation moving from there. For example, if she talks about her recent travels, say something like “You know, you really did give off a princess vibe when I first say you.” From there, she will either admit she is a princess or defend that she isn’t.

The most valuable platforms at this time are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. Using these platforms as a broadcasting stage will gradually have you saturating your target audience with your valuable information. If it’s good enough, it will get shared and become viral.

No matter what your article is about, you can always “go deeper” on some aspect of what you’ve covered. Look back over the articles you’ve published in the past and focus in on one point that merits further explanation. Then, write an article that expounds on that point.

Updating your website less than once a month will most likely not yield the kind of marketing results you’re after. It’ll seem inconsistent at that point and your potential audience is less likely to follow you.