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We hear about it almost everyday. Bully’s are beginning to control everything. The school systems have made themselves a safe haven for bully’s and a prison for the rule abiding students. We all know that it has gotten so bad that kids are now hurting each other and themselves because of the frustration and anger they feel that the bully’s are allowed to bully leaving the victims to fend for themselves.

May God forgive me for complaining of my earlier lot, when I had Ankara Dershane of 5-7 students, plenty of work to do with the Lord, paid mission trips in the summer. May he still use me in my latter days .

Film Notes: While I think everyone has seen this film, it should be said that if you haven’t… you should, and if you have seen it… maybe see it again. Epic. Yes, I have the signed, autographed laser disc version of this movie.

Backpacks: This is a very common and essential piece of gear students own, but there are many more options available than just color choices. Many backpacks now come with reinforced compartments for laptops, some come with security devices to prevent theft, and others have solar panels and charge removable battery packs when exposed to sunlight. Finding the right backpack is a choice that students going back to college shouldn’t take lightly.

Infants need a lot of attention and with ratios up to five infants to one teacher that is near impossible. Even the most loving caring well-intentioned childcare provider will be unable to give your child undivided attention much less the one on one bonding and stimulation that your online tution infant needs.

Film Notes: One of Joe and Ethan Coen’s slightly less well known films, and one that I was pleasantly surprised by years ago. It’ll make you think differently about the hula-hoop.

As a certified employee of a school district and been given the duties of teacher, I am not even trusted with the Smart Board, i.e. the very expensive piece of equipment school districts could not afford but bought in droves anyway to make them look progressive.