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Centre based candidates

Prospects attending an university that tape-records their presence as well as makes the needed exam plans on the candidate’s part, are centre based prospects.

Centre based candidates are full-time, i.e attends schedules lessons for at least fifteen hours weekly, or part-time, in the latter case students go to timetabled lessons for less than fifteen hours weekly.

Personal Prospects

Candidates studying individually, with a distance finding out organisation or with a tutor, without formally attending an educational institution that tapes their participation as well as makes the required examination setups on the prospect’s behalf, are personal prospects. Independent prospects make their very own exam plans as well as find out at a speed that fits them. Prospects who pick this setting of research study are not restricted to one assessment board and might, therefore, take any assessment with any kind of board in any type of collection offered by the board, as long as the subject they desire to take is offered, to exclusive candidates.


Because of the nature of some subjects, exclusive candidates that wish to take subjects with a regulated evaluation, coursework or sensible should seek advice from the evaluation centre. Examination centres monitor as well as assess the candidates work, where a personal prospect enters for a topic that is centre assessed and also eternally regulated, by the examination board. Subject parts that are externally examined as well as moderated, by the assessment board, call for guidance, by the exam centre.

All topics with written components just are offered, from all evaluation boards, to private prospects.


When a prospect has registered with an exam centre they will get their evaluation schedule providing the dates and also session of each created examination.

Evaluations scheduled in the early morning start at 9.00 am and also exams set up in the mid-day start at 1.30 pm.

Examination clashes, on the exact same day at the same time, are rested back to back.

The evaluation centre will schedule the controlled analysis day and also time, coursework entry date and practical assessment date for all assessment boards except in cases where the evaluation board schedules the useful.

Gain access to setups

Prospects with special academic requirements repoted in a formal declaration of demand acquired within no greater than 2 years before taking the examination can make a ask for an gain access to arrangement based upon the suggestion in their declaration of need. The access setup demand need to be made when the application for exam access is submitted to the centre.

In unexpected situations, such as ailment or injury, approving access plans for; a scribe, extra composing time, is possible when clinical or psychological evidence has been gotten by the evaluation centre.


When published, candidates will certainly receive a declaration of outcomes.

Candidates have a number of post result solution options offered; clerical check, Access to scripts, comment of manuscript, re-moderation of coursework (to consist of controlled assessments as well as useful assessments). Blog post result services must be sent, by the centre, to the board, by the 20th day in the month following publication of the outcomes.

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