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The most common type of Diamond Necklace is a solitary diamond established in a 14k gold basket mounting that hangs on a easy chain. In the jewellery industry this is recognized as a Diamond Solitaire Pendant. For the readers of this post, our buying advice is aimed mainly at this type of solitary diamond pendant, or necklace.

If your diamond is reduce into a fancy shape, appear at it from the leading and from the side. The halves ought to match perfectly. If not, the diamond cutter might have selected to save weight and sacrifice symmetry. If your diamond is reduce in a extravagant shape this kind of as marquise, pear or coronary heart, it will have points on the finishes. Check to see that the points are thick, to endure wear. If not, the factors could be chipped over the many years.

The diamond reduce of the heart shape diamond is a symbol and testomony of your adore with your future spouse. If you want a ring that is a meaningful image of your love, how a lot better can you get than a coronary heart formed diamond? It is 1 of the most intimate shapes of diamond engagement rings that you can get, and is far various than all of the other cuts of diamonds.

Color is the third ‘C.’ A diamond ‘s color is rated on a scale that goes from D-Z. The reduce in the ‘alphabet’ the diamond’s color is, the greater its brilliance and worth. Irrespective of what colour quality you select, a nicely-trained staff can assist you get the most value out of your diamond ring by pairing it with the ideal environment. A greater-quality 2 carat diamond price might look very best with a white gold or platinum setting; whilst a less desirable colour can be minimized when paired with the right setting. This is why you want to choose a jewellery store with a educated employees to help you in making the perfect diamond ring for you.

Cut is the most essential factor because the brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its reduce. The cut is a reference to how reflective a diamond is. In other words: the better the cut, the better the glow. The ideal cut produces a really outstanding diamond. A much less-than-ideal cut doesn’t permit the diamond to reflect light to its optimum possible. When you’re searching for a fantastic jewellery shop in Houston, choose one that allows you view a loose diamond below a microscope to educate you on comparing diamonds.

If you make a intelligent buy, you can get a three/4-carat diamond ring for between $950 and $2000. You can get a 1-carat diamond ring for between $1200 and $3500. The trick is to find a reduce quality diamond that is not downright unsightly. You have to store the correct balance in between diamond cut grade, diamond clarity grade and diamond colour quality on the GIA score scale. You ought to also purchase a diamond that is certified by a trustworthy gem lab this kind of as GIA, IGI, IGL, or EGL-United states.

Buying diamonds is both an investment and luxury. Prior to indulging in this action though, know your real diamonds first and shield yourself from phony types.