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You hear a lot of companies claim that they made the list of the top 10 MLM companies or they have distributors that got voted as the top trainers in the industry. If you are like me then your first thing you are thinking is that this is a pretty high achievement, especially when there are thousands of companies out there. Well what exactly does it mean if your company (or the company that you are researching) lands on the list of top 10 MLM companies?

(c) Has a scott levy fuel you trust: The management team should be passionate about the business, have integrity and be focused on adding value to the business and not lining their own pockets.

The product. You need to like the product. That goes without saying. You need to market and promote this product so pick one you will use. Once you use the product review that is delivers on what the company advertises. This will be a difficult part of your research, because you will be talking to a person who will want to sign you up for the MLM opportunity. Just be upfront that you are doing your research and you want to try the product before you sign-up with any company.

We have settled for cheaper products. We have shot ourselves in the foot. We went form the building industry, to a service industry and now we are just a nation of consumers. A nation of consumers can not survive on it’s own. It has no foundation to stand on and that is where we are now.

Don’t make respondents spend an hour completing your survey if you have promised that it takes 5 minutes. There are people who can go till the very end without checking the time but there are those who may quit when the promised 5 minutes expire. Be honest about your survey length; tell respondents how many questions you want them to answer.

Once you start making some money, you can even buy advertising. Your business quickly becomes a money producing machine. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll agree that this is the perfect business to start. You don’t need a lot of start-up capital, and your risk of loss or embarrassment are virtually non-existent. You could literally start this business on the side and let it grow to the point where you have the option to quit your day job. That’s what I did, and it’s what you can do too.

The incredible rule number five is facing the brutal facts that confront your company. This is a distinction that is given to us by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. It means honestly confront the issues that confront your organization and truly dealing with them. Do not deny them or sugar coat them. Deal with them in an intelligent way.

When checking out a company, you are able to identify potential problems in this company. This is especially important if you are giving the company the ability to run your affairs, such as the debt consolidation company.