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In early March, RestaurantWeekME was an event held to encourage people to eat out and support local restaurants. Participating restaurants served specially priced three-course menus.

Versatility is an understatement, though. These highly intelligent, passion driven, internet sitting professionals are the genetically and technically enhanced chameleon of the writing world. How about this? They are the “Predator” of the writing world. Need a 25 word Facebook post with strong SEO features that drives fans to click “like”? Got it. Need a 500 word article that is informative and strategically peppered with words to keep people on a website for an hour? No probs. Oh, no? You just need a 300 word blog post about your Aunt May’s apple pie recipe that makes the reader click on an obscure ad half way down the page that is selling apple seeds? Piece online blogs of cake!

Go for quality instead of quantity. You cannot attract traffic by writing something new every minute but you can by writing something sensible every single time. High quality content articles are the way to go to profit from blogging.

You should think about the health benefits and what weight loss will do for your quality of life. Not only will you look better but you will be healthier, and keeping this in mind will strengthen your motivation to lose weight. The long term health risks will be lower and major health concerns will no longer be an issue. You will have more energy and look great by losing weight, your self esteem will be increased and you will want to go out more and show off your new slimmer body.

Personally, I use my real name and photo on all my look at my logo as you can see. I stand by everything I write and by my guest writers. There is no need to hide behind a false identity.

Blogs. Another great place to have your articles published is blogs. Search engines spider blogs more frequently than regular sites. The more your article is picked up around the net the more incoming links will show up to your sites with the SEs. This does wonders for your PR (page rank) and ultimately traffic to your website, which is what network marketing, is all about.

Although there are many aspects of blog marketing, you will see that these are the most important. If you have all these tools and techniques in place, then it is likely that you get some great traffic. If not just keep working on it. The hard work is going to pay and you’ll be glad you did.