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You might be able to avoid auto repair shops for awhile, especially if you’re keeping your vehicle well-maintained. However, mechanics are unavoidable as your car grows older. Parts begin to malfunction or fail. Hoses and belts wear down and need to be replaced. Tires go flat. If you want to keep driving, you’ll need to see an auto technician.

Materials. High performance exhaust systems are typically made of 1 of two materials or a combination of both. The most popular metals are stainless steel and titanium. An exhaust made from either material is corrosion resistant and will last a very long time. The largest differences are weight and price. Titanium exhausts are typically much lighter, but also cost more. A stainless exhaust will usually save weight over a factory system, and titanium will be even lighter.

Contact more than one company to find out which one can offer you the best prices. You also will need to bring with you photo identification (to ensure you are not stealing these metals). Most companies want you to deliver the product without any type of exterior labels or other papers on it. You should remove any attachments you can.

Be alert. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Do your research and don’t get clouded by an unbelievable deal. Do your homework. eBay lets you search completed auctions so you can get a idea of what you can expect for the make and model of car you are looking for. There are also many books available which will give you a price range for the type of car or truck you are looking for. Kelly Blue Book is catalytic converter recyclers very handy.

HHO has a side effect of removing carbon. The removal of carbon will decrease heat buildup increase efficiency and lead to less engine wear. Engine heat is a factor that leads to engine wear. Oil is used to assist this and lubricate the moving parts. Remove the carbon and you get less friction, less friction leads to less heat and longer engine life. As soon as you introduce HHO you will notice a smoother cooler running engine. This alone is a great benefit and there are many fuel additive products on the market that do this, but they can’t beat the price of HHO.

This is a bit of a yes and no answer. The stock filter assembly is a flow restriction, and an open element intake would increase potential flow. However, it will also draw in more heated engine compartment air, which can hurt performance. My advice is to either modify the stock filter box, or install a cool air induction box, like the Max Air. An added bonus of the open element filters, is that they allow you to easily hear the primary turbo and by-pass valve.

HHO power works with gas or diesel. Hydroxy gas assists in combustion, regardless of fuel type. The introduction schematics are different but the production is the same. In either fuel you have unused fuel that goes to the catalytic converter. Basically you pay for fuel, then the fuel you don’t use gets burned in the catalytic converter. Hmmm… Your burning cash, that HHO could utilize! Since HHO assists combustion you get to burn all that unused fuel! This is what gives you more bang for your buck!