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You have a blog (or a business opportunity) that you are wanting to market. You may find that after a week of daily blog postings, you have run out of ideas for topics. Where does the professional blogger come up with all his topics to keep his blog fresh? How do all these online marketers find topics to write articles on? Here is a quick and simple article to help jolt your creative juices. Don’t let your blog go stale!

Passion, understanding and interest in the topic helps make the work flow easier for you. Building the website becomes less of a burden if you have a deep interest Online content everyday in the subject matter.

It is not that hard to fill up a blog with content of your own, but what if you had multiple sites that all needed new content on a regular basis? Not too many people have the time to write 30 articles everyday. So what are your other options than?

Finding content Content everyday is the first piece, essentially writing the draft, blog, video script, etc is another. In this article we are going to concentrate on finding subjects to develop your content around. Surprisingly, finding something to write about is a bigger issue for many marketing specialists than actually creating the post.

The formula is pretty simple: the more often you update your site, the better your overall audience engagement is going to be. Fresh new content on your site means you have a constant stream of relevant info flowing to your social media channels, driving traffic back to your site. The better your overall engagement, the better search engines like Google and Bing respect you and see you has a vital information source.

You can write about the Seven Wonders of the World or about the seven deadly sins. You can write about a famous singer, dancer or musician. Topics can suit a particular audience. Engineers and architects might love a speech on town planning for instance. If you were speaking at a boys school sport would be a suitable subject. A ladies club membership might be riveted if you spoke about cutting their grocery bill in half every week.

You want to find out what platforms you will be broadcasting your message from? Once you have that you want to make a action content strategy plan that will allow you to produce valuable content in each platform. Delivering your content in story form will be much easier to relate to and consume, this is what people love.

But when you see that it’s possible to write on one topic endlessly, then your mind relaxes and your creativity flourishes. It’s not just possible–people online and offline are actually writing on their specific topics on a monthly basis for years on end. If they can do it, so can you.