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After living in South Florida for seven years, hurricane preparation became a no-brainer. The key is to prepare ahead of time, and not wait until the last minute. You will be surprised at how fast bottled water, batteries and wood can quickly sell out at every grocery store and Home Depot in your area.

Another adaptation that you can make, with a little help from your family or friends, is to arrange your kitchen for easy accessibility. Make sure that your cooking pots, pans, and utensils are all stored within easy reach. Go through your cooking tools and decide which ones you use frequently. After you decide, arrange your kitchen cupboards and drawers so that these items are stored between your waist and chest height. You should not have to bend below your waist or reach above your shoulders to access these items. The items in your kitchen that you use less often can be stored on upper cupboard shelves and lower shelves and drawers. You will not need to reach these items as often, so it does not matter as much if they are more difficult to access. Have the important things within easy reach.

I am made of plastic and metal ones. They range from quartz and size gallon. I think the best plastic. Seem the easiest to work with and easier to clean in my opinion.

Chill Out: Use ice cubes to clean the blades on the garbage disposal. Ice also breaks up the grease that collects on the disposal’s rotors. Simply take a handful of ice and put in your disposal every couple of weeks. Turn on the disposal with cold water. While doing this add some orange, lime or lemon peels in the disposal. Wait until everything disappears or is chopped up and then turn off the disposal. The peels will help eliminate odors that tend to linger within the garbage disposal.

Ice cream scoop – is a “what was I thinking?” Honestly, I’m guessing I liked seeing a cute new green gadget but that’s crazy. While we had lots of ice cream when my boys were at home, they’ve been gone a few years so there’s no need any more.

Non perishable foods for your family like cans of soup or tuna and crackers are good choices. You should also have food for your pets in your emergency kit. You will need enough food to last for at least 3 days, and don’t forget the non black and decker spacemaker.

There’s a chance you’re not really acquainted with a garments airer. Many people never even take care of their own laundry. Quite often the woman has the responsibility of accomplishing the laundry and saving energy while doing so. No electricity is used by a clothes airer which makes it a very reliable way to dry your clothes. With the maxi floor upright airer, it is possible to dry a full washer load of laundry. One pleasant feature is its portability, which tends to make it easy to move it into the best sunlight. This would have made working on laundry considerably easier back in the early days of using washing machines.

With the new kitchen appliances in Las Vegas you can prepare a meal in thirty minutes or less. There are entire television programs dedicated to teaching you how to prepare meals easily and that require little time to prepare. Our lives are busy and stopping to fix a healthy meal is not always possible. But taking the time to at least sit down with your family once a week around the dinner table will give you time to reconnect. And when you are preparing that meal think about your grandmother or great grandmother and what it may have taken for them to prepare the same meal. Sometimes it may be worth reflecting on the past to appreciate what we have today.