10 Things You Didn’t Know About Beard Growth Oil

This write-up will certainly reveal you the best way to grow a beard from the ground up, making use of the 12 week difficulty. It is a detailed beginner’s overview using a simple 3-stage procedure. The overview will show you what to avoid when growing a beard, as well giving suggestions that will assist you design and form your beard as you go. It begins with the one month expand.

Stage 1: One Month Development

You want a beard, you have actually simply completed your last cut as well as you’re considering a completely bare-faced justification of a guy. What do you do?

You begin by growing your beard for one month.

This is possibly the hardest stage of beard development, along with the most irrepressible. I want you to just allow your face hair expand for 1 month strong, no cutting! During this time around you will certainly uncover the rate of growth your hair roots create, which will show you your bearded capacity.

Sadly not everybody can grow an effective bodied beard yet there is just one way to figure out – just let it expand. It will look tough at the beginning, you may get remarks, as well as it will fluster you, yet hereafter stage it obtains great.

I first expanded my own when I started taking a trip. No one knew that I was, no one understood what a looked like so expanding a beard was regular due to the fact that nobody recognized me or else. If you have a size of time where you’ll be away from your home, this is a wonderful possibility to get growing.

2 week Itch

Around the 2 weeks period you will certainly more than likely get the 2 week itch. When you cut, the cut can leave the ideas of your face hair fairly sharp. As time goes your hair can crinkle and strike sections of your skin which leads to the feared scratchy phase, the most awful component of expanding a beard.

I discover it doesn’t last long and to be fair you can survive it easily enough, it’s not completion of the world however it can create a great deal of irritation and pain. There are some measures you can require to keep it on an also keel.

– Use beard oil

I would suggest utilizing a top quality beard oil. It will certainly condition your beard leaving it soft and also healthy. It will additionally moisturise as well as moisturize the skin under your face hair, removing beard dandruff thus avoiding any skin inflammations. Be saving though! Only usage maybe 5 cent coin sized drop well worth of Beard Oil. you really don’t require a lot, it goes a lengthy way, as well as it will just help make it a bit extra bearable.

– Stay clear of alcohol

Claim what? No, don’t fret, I imply prevent making use of any kind of products with a high alcohol content on your beard. This will dry the skin, which will after that increase the possibility of itching, so stay clear of moisturisers with any alcohol web content and choose the organic choices to attain the best outcomes.

Both these steps will keep the face hair as well as skin healthy and balanced, and will assist surviving the dreaded impulse phase. During these very first number of weeks, ensure to maintain your environment of growth natural to obtain the very best outcomes, as well as you get past the impulse stage you will certainly have transformed a large edge.

Phase 2: One month clean up

After the first month stage I would certainly advise giving it an excellent bridegroom. At this point you might have a tough facial item on the move – offering it a great cut around the neck line for more framework could be good.

When cutting, aim not to cut too high on the neck line – some individuals advise 2 fingers from your Adam’s apple. Alternatively just search in the mirror and also goal to cut where your neck satisfies your jaw – this is the ideal area to cut for the neck line.

You may additionally have a few rebellious hairs on the moustache. Just use scissors for the moustache and cut using your comb for an overview.

I locate that the mustache hairs can expand a little too low and irritate my top lip. If you have the same issue, comb your moustache down to ensure that the hair length is even, and also reduced the excess hair along the lip line. This need to provide a wonderful, also form to your moustache.

KEEP IN MIND: don’t cut when your beard when it is wet! It will offer the hairs extra weight allowing them to go down a little bit lower from their natural placement. If you cut during this time you can eliminate excessive – always reduced when dry.

Aside from this clean up I would certainly stay clear of trimming or cutting. You are still extremely early in the growth process; it may look irregular or even thin in locations, but just keep in mind that 4 weeks is a drop in the ocean and also just the start to expanding a beard. The following section is when you really begin seeing results as well as success in your bearded adventure.

Phase 3: The 12-Week Obstacle

The 12-week challenge is real test and will certainly give you an idea on what your face hair is capable of. Throughout this stage just reduced any type of roaming hairs however I would certainly prevent any kind of huge trims or cuts and also just let the beast expand!

Some individuals locate that after the 8-week duration, you have the begin to a successful beard. Your beard will start doing various and also perhaps unanticipated points. It will not grow seven heads or appear like Medusa, however you might locate uneven colouring, bumpy hairs, straight sections, little patches; whatever the modification, embrace your beard of what it is and also just let it do what it needs to do.

No-one wishes to coincide, as well as any private attributes that your beard shows is a true blessing and needs to be appreciated. The beard is an icon to you as well as your member so take it wherefore it is and enjoy it.

The 12-week cycle is optimal. This provides a chance for the slower expanding hairs to finally come via as well as grow. Various hair follicles on the face develops face hair at various times so this time period will certainly give you the opportunity to grow a thick, equally dispersed coverage.

It additionally provides time for the character of your face hair ahead to light – the little modifications I mentioned prior to can truly involve play throughout this time around which will inevitably give you a far better picture of the top quality of beard growth.

This time around frame will certainly offer you an idea of what style is finest suited to your beard. It will certainly additionally show you the styles you can’t get away with when expanding a beard so just utilize this as a discovering period and discover what your beard can actually do. That’s the best advice anybody can provide on

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Bronze Taps For The Rest Room – They’re Great, Aren’t They?

Sometimes you need to eliminate the ceiling tiles for one reason or another. Getting rid of ceiling tiles is a job you can do easily on your personal. But the problems degree of getting rid of tiles is largely is dependent the way they had been installed. Two types ceiling tiles are common suspended and interlocked ceiling tiles. Suspended These are fairly easy to remove, but problems occurs when you have to eliminate interlocking ceiling tiles. Interlocking tiles requires much more function and work.

When preparing a kitchen area design, don’t forget to think about the kind of china tiles you will use. Whether or not used for bench tops, walls or flooring, choices can make or split the end result. Tiles utilized between bench and wall cabinets, or as a splashback can definitely enhance the look of a kitchen. There are numerous various sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from giving you abundant choices. Ceramic floor tiles are well-liked for their good looks and the larger tiles cover large areas faster when laying them. They are also easy to maintain clean. Vinyl tiles are an additional simple to clean option and are softer underfoot for these with leg problems. Each are tough and lengthy lasting.

After painting best china tiles, creative touches ( this kind of as stenciling ) can be additional. Or for a truly good look, you could paint the grout a contrasting colour to make the occupation appear much more like new tile.

Repair any chips or problems prior to beginning the reglazing process so that the completed tile will appear as great as feasible. If partitions and flooring are becoming finished, the venture might require to be done in two or more phases: initial the walls and then the flooring a couple of times later on. Planning on this venture is important to a quality end. Some steps might vary for certain goods that are offered as a package by reglazing manufacturers.

Glazed ceramic tiles: They have a shiny appearance and arrive in numerous colors and designs. Totally waterproof the tiles are usually produced of clay. These are perfect for utilizing as shower china tiles, in swimming pools and locations exactly where water is current. You can discover different types like higher gloss, matte end and slip resistant.

Slate countertops come in numerous tones of grey, eco-friendly, purple, and black. Slate is becoming a well-liked choice for kitchen area countertops. It is stylish and durable, making it an excellent choice for counter surfaces. Like soapstone, slate counter tops ought to be rubbed with mineral oil frequently, to bring out the elegance of the materials. Small scratches can be eliminated with a damp sponge. Further scratches can be buffed out with steel wool.

There is a huge difference in cost variety for the numerous different materials that are used in making wall tiles. You can find ceramic tiles priced between $1.00 and $5.00 for each sq. foot. Based on your style and spending budget glass tiles can be as higher as $25.00 to $50.00 for each sq. foot.

The Definitive Guide To Creating Blog Traffic – Link Baiting

SEO experts recommend link listing submission procedure that will enhance your numbers – in terms of hyperlink backs significantly. Many newbie webmasters and even the veterans follow an arbitrary process of link listing submissions.

The 2nd occasion was a young man who arrived to my workshop without completing his poetry research assignment. During the class, something impressed him to compose a poem that he wrote on his bare forearms. I have pictures of him standing in front of the class studying the poem about his absent father.

Although tăng lượt xem facebook PowerSuite will function nicely for numerous, there will be some who it will not be correct for. If you use pay for each click known as (PPC)this may not be the best product for you because it is not supported and established up to keep monitor of this. If this is something major for you, there are other options available.

Do you want to discover, how to produce a Push Sydney weblog? Studying how to create a Word blog does not have to be tough. Word Press Sydney is set up to be very easy and easy to accommodate. Don’t mistake simple use for absence of high quality although. Whilst its tremendous silly, it’s also extremely a lot cutting the corners. There is plug-ins that you can adapt to persue your specifications, and hundreds of layout choices for you to choose from. Many people are inquiring the exact same query, “How can I earn money from press?” and “Why individuals are moving to Word push as the favored platform for their web publishing”. The answer is straight ahead and so foolish, but the procedures that are required are extremely technical and complex.

Consider that there are more than two billion people on-line at any offered time. Guess where those people are? Most of them are visiting web sites like youtube, Fb and Twitter. These also happen to all be totally free web sites that are “user-generated.” In other phrases, these sites developed from the consumer, you, making content.

Now head more than to Google.com and lookup for their “keyword instrument”, which ought to deliver up its personal ‘external’ instrument for use with AdWords. Go there and kind in your key phrase phrase or just a key phrase and push enter remembering to type in the capture image.

As with company, finding your market is of paramount importance – the more focused your key phrases are, the easier it is to rank in and dominate the lookup engines. In my subsequent column, I’ll show you how to implement these key phrases into your website and get the ball rolling.

Convenient Printing With Samsung

Dealing with HP printer driver errors is no fun, especially because driver errors will make your printer come to a screeching halt. Fortunately, there are a lot of great ways to solve HP printer driver errors, so you’ve always got a way to resolve the issue. Let’s go over some of the common causes of driver errors and what you can do to fix them.

When we choose wireless tv kit, this is the most important thing we need concern. For the common wireless kit, they will support a very wide range devices, including printer technical support number, scanner, digital camera, notebook, desktop computer, HDTVs, Blu-ran players, DVRs, Xbox 360, PlayStation and Gamecube. Actually, if you don’t have any special Ethernet-enabled devices, all the connection kit can meet your needs.

The iPF8300S can print to the same types of media as the iPF8000S. The same roll and sheet sizes can be used and borderless printing options are virtually the same. Canon added one more additional borderless roll paper size – 44″. This allows users to print borderless up to the full width of the printer driver download. Previously, 42″ was the maximum borderless printing width.

If there is a driver that previously works properly but now has a small problem, maybe you need to update your printer driver. And you can also fix most driver problems by this method. To update the driver, you can go to the Windows Update website or the printer manufacturer’s website and search whether there is any updated driver, if there is, download it.

Owner satisfaction with this device has been mostly favorable as expressed on web forums. Most complaints have focused on the lack of a plug and play function which caused confusion about the correct copystar drivers to download. Many owners did not understand that the copystar drivers for the ML 1510 was the correct driver to download. Once that confusion is cleared up, there are few complaints about this version.

Mistake 3: Convince yourself that you do not need a specific ICC profile for the intended print paper. An ICC profile is the final piece of the puzzle in getting a great print on paper. A profile is a table of values that tell your printer how to print the precise colors you want on a given paper. The best profiles use ink limits and linearization as a starting point and incorporate measurements of a series of target color patches (the target can contain 1000s of patches) to define and refine how your printer actually works on a given paper. Profiles for Epson papers are built in to the standard Epson drivers (as well as ink limits and linearization.) Rips normally have them as well. Don’t think that you can skip this step or use a profile of a paper that is similar to the paper you intend to use.

Then you should double check the printer’s physical components. The first thing you should check for is if there is one paper or several stuck within the inside parts of the printer. If you physically remove this paper from the printer you may be able to reprint your document. Another thing you can try is checking if your printer has overheated. Printers need proper ventilation. You will need to call in a professional if you have gone through all of these steps and your printer still will not print. Through an online search or by browsing through your local yellow pages you can find a professional who will be able to repair your device. For more ideas about canon printer service, check out the link.

Beauty Tips To Help You Improve Your Looks

However, being married to the greatest wife in history I am forced to accept that my idea of what is needed in a bathroom is silly and really not of this world.

Some people say that youth is wasted on the young. There probably wouldn’t be so many products for reversing wrinkles, if we were a little smarter during our youth. But, until you hit 30, it’s easy to believe that you’ll stay young and youthful looking, forever. Luckily, we can make up for some of the bad things that we did when we were younger.

Carrot contains plenty of carotene, which can help maintain the normal function of skin cells and tissues, reduce the skin wrinkles, stimulate the metabolism of skin, so as to keep the skin smooth and delicate.

If you’re looking for a stay at home moms business opportunity, then you’ve probably come across considering an MLM (network marketing) company, or direct marketing company. Some people have had success doing it. I haven’t. As per instructions, I started selling to my “warm” market that is family, friends & neighbors, first. After a few weeks, I realized friends & family were avoiding me. (You know the joke about the life insurance agent…) Besides, I hated forcing high priced ere perez & health related items on them.

The handbag with a short handle, designed to be carried (clutched) in one’s hand is called a clutch. It comes in different sizes from medium to small size. A larger handbag with two handles is called a tote. A security women handbag bag protects the carrier from travel theft. The handbag includes an invisible stainless steel strap sewn into the fabric and a protect ant on the main zipper.

If an assistant names you something just after looking at your face, be alarmed. A good expert has to ask at least four questions, how old you are, whether you got skin problems, what products you used before and what you dislike about them.

Kelp is a kind of alkaline food which contains a high content of minerals. Often eating kelp can regulate the pH value of blood, and prevent the skin secreting too much oil and fat. What’s more, kelp can also help prevent hair loss.

Only you have the power to change your attitude about beauty and when you succeed and doing so, everyone around you will take notice. They won’t know whether you got a haircut, whitened your teeth, or if you fell in love. All they will notice is that special glow emanating from you as a result of your newly found self-confidence and true beauty.

To Fold Or Not To Fold; That Is The Texas Maintain’Em Question

So much I have absent over natural instincts, and subjective rationality. The final installment in this series will deal with conditional reinforcement, or why individuals will make the same error over and more than.

So how does barking puppies use to QQPoker? Most people who decide to play poker will react in a similar way to our animals, if they shed every time they attract to an within straight they will eventually cease doing it, because there is no reward. With out a reward bad gamers would learn not to call with their long-pictures, a lot like our pup it gets them nowhere. On the other hand, if a poker participant were to occasionally win drawing to within straights he will carry on performing it. The purpose becoming, quicker or later he understands he will receive his reward. He will take all the scoldings, for that 1 reward.

Avoid tables that are a sole family team. Part of the concept is to get your visitors to mingle with the relaxation of your visitors. Although you are trying to seat your guests in such a way that they are comfortable, you can’t forget the other goal – obtaining your visitors to mingle. You have to discover a proper balance.

There is a fantastic variety of approaches accessible to each parties to permit them to produce leverage in reaching their pricing goals. You should online Poker learn as numerous steps as possible before you begin to look for your next car. Familiarize your self with them. Learn to detect, identify, and counter the dealer’s methods.

What occurs early in most tournaments? Good players bide their time and take notes on the other people. Assuming you want to be one of these good gamers, follow their example.

You won’t have a fantastic hand every time. It would be good to get pocket aces or flop the nuts regularly, but it doesn’t happen. You require to deal with the many poor hands you’ll be dealt as nicely as you would if you had been dealt a fantastic hand. Believe difficult about your technique: should you bluff when you have a poor hand and everyone shows weakness, or should you sluggish perform a large hand to suck people in?

If you critically analyze, you can comprehend that you should not play every hand. This is really to be overcome in the sport of poker. And the newbies are often overeager in their poker video games seeking to wager on every mixture. However there is just no guarantee that you will win much more by taking part in more. This is the reason perform only hands good fingers. This pays to perform strategically. So study up and learn about how you can remain in the sport for much more winnings on the tables.

Hopefully at this point you have a few suggestions about whether Pacific Poker is your website. Keep in mind there’s no substitute for actually checking out the site for your self. You don’t even have to play, you can just watch the games for a whilst and determine out if you like what you see. What ever you decide, have enjoyable and good luck.

If You’ve Encountered A Grizzly Bear While Tied To A Tree, Than You Need Travel Insurance

If you are looking for car insurance quotations for yourself or a family member, then you have to consider if there might be special considerations you must keep in mind. For example, you may be younger than 20 years old, or you may have inadequate driving experience. Perhaps you are a disabled. It really does not matter.

You don’t want your luggage getting torn on the conveyor belt and all your belongings falling out everywhere. I’ve seen it happen, and I’m sure that person won’t make the same embarrassing mistake twice!

With purchasing auto insurance online, you are able to get proof of insurance as soon as you purchase it, and this can be done 24 hours a day. No more missing the agent at the insurance office because you were stuck in traffic and could not get there before they closed for the day. Buying online also means that you can do this on the weekend. There are no closing hours.

Travelling is similar to school: you will learn a lot. Similar to how you learned in school, you should prepare yourself before you set out on your journey. Remember how you prepared for school by studying and preparing your school books and notebooks? Well, just like that, you have to prepare yourself before you go on a trip to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Getting cheap Canada Insurance Quotes is one thing, but there are a whole lot of other things to do.

Hotel security is extremely important when choosing a place to stay during Spring Break. Another Spring Break safety tip: don’t pick the cheapest hotel. Usually, these are unsafe and have very little or no security. Be sure to choose a room between the 3rd and 5th floors. These rooms are high enough to keep out burglars and low enough to make the room accessible to foreign fire departments, which usually aren’t equipped with high reaching ladders. Become familiar with fire exits and escapes in the event there is a fire. Lastly, be sure to secure your room both when you leave and when you are inside.

You might need to keep in touch with the office, or with people at your destination, before you fly, so you’ll want to make sure that there is internet access, whilst you’re waiting to fly. In addition to email you’ll also be able to check the weather and the local news to see if there’s Canada Insurance Quotes anything that you need to be aware of as you land.

Available Discounts: Another thing to take note of when you are comparing a car insurance quote are the available discounts. Usually these companies have a variety of discounts and there is a good chance that you will be eligible for some of them. Do not wait for them to tell you about the discounts. In most cases, you will have to ask about the discounts yourself. Simply looking for the discounts can help you save a lot of money on the cover that you need.

On top of the main coverage, you must look into the types of insurance riders you want to get. In fact, it is much cheaper to tag an insurance rider to your main policy rather than to buy a separate cover altogether. Therefore you have to make a decision at this point in time if you want to save some money on auto insurance.

Web Internet Hosting Company Cautions!

I, along with the others on my team have been learning for this check for the previous 2 months. Today was the day we find out if it was in vein. In order to ‘pass’ the test you require to score a 700 out of a 1000. There are a complete of 45 concerns on the test. It sounds like it ought to be ‘ok’ to get a 70%25 on test correct, I mean you only have to get 32 out of the 45 concerns right to pass. Incorrect. Each query is independently weighted. So, one person could be able to skip ten concerns and an additional could skip eight. Also, some concerns are multi-part so you get partial credit score (which is really, really cool). This was the MCTS Certification test which is the first check in their new sequence for .net developers.

Bill Gates and some of his followers would tell you otherwise, but the actuality is that there is a lot greater assistance for Unix based internet hosts than Home windows web hosts. Unix has been about a lot longer than Windows and has always been the primary operating system that Web servers have been hosted on. Most of the Web protocols this kind of as TCP/IP were developed on Unix and Unix servers tend to be much more steady than cloud brasil ssd s. The only time you would want a Home windows internet host would be if you had been heading to add a script that was created specifically for a cloud home windows.

7) Does your site use a buying cart that your present hosting strategy offers? Can you transfer the cart to your new host? If not, does your new host have a appropriate shopping cart substitute?

Step ten: After the installation is completed, you will be offered with a ‘Completion Screen”, wherein you require to click on “Finish” to total the process.

For many years I was a Linux junkie and attempted to get Linux accepted all over the place I went. Now I am more content utilizing Windows. I guess you can say I had traded in my command prompt days for a nice GUI. Then Ubuntu arrived on the scene. I decided to give it a attempt and discovered that it is a good operating system for personal customers. I was not sure how it would work as a business OS till we bought these 10 devices and loaded them with Ubuntu. They worked very nicely despite some driver issues with some off brand name PCI wi-fi cards. All the devices had been bought with the same specs down to the case. The Wi-Fi cards had been all the same too but would only function on about fifty percent of the computer systems even after following the same steps to install and configure them.

As stated DNS resolves IP addresses to easier to remember names. Lets say your server’s IP address is and its title is PCServer. DNS enables you to search utilizing PCServer instead of remembering 192.168.1.two. Out of all the modules this is the 1 that is most confusing in environment up properly.

Different program sets of every exam provide an easy and systematic method to method every exam. This outcomes in much better and deep understanding of the subject.

18. Next, is it laser or inkjet you require, weigh up the choices that you might print more if you are sharing your printer with friends or colleagues.

4 Simple Tips For Selling Your Home

That old linoleum floor might not look desirable. Maybe you don’t like the pattern; maybe you don’t like the color. Of course you can just rip it out and replace it; or you can use a low cost alternative by painting it. Even though it is not a quick and easy thing to do, it is a project even the less experienced can execute.

Another money saving vacation idea is to have each family member pick a local activity that day for everyone to enjoy. You may end up going to a ballgame on one day, painting your own ceramics another day, working at a soup kitchen the following day, picking strawberries the day after that, and going to the pool for the last day of your vacation. You can support people and businesses in your own community and save money by not traveling far. But more importantly, families can learn about each other’s interests and talents and have fun doing it.

Hire an electrician to help install electrical outlets in the area where you want your microwave to sit. This will make it easy to plug in without the cord being visible. A simple fix like this prevents a needless cord hanging around in your kitchen air.

Now almost every thing hanging on my walls is my own homemade decor. This includes curtains, paint ings, counted cross stitch and photographs. And I have so much fun creating these items. But I must admit that there are 2 pictures that I did not paint by number kits.

Once you are done with repairing the holes and cracks, it is time to waterproof your walls. You will need a waterproofing mix for this purpose. There are several epoxy or latex waterproof mixes available in the market. All you need to do is add water to them and they are ready for use. Before you start using the waterproofing mix, make sure you prepare the basement wall. Remove any kind of chipped or peeled paint by number kits. Also, ensure that you moisten the wall before you apply the waterproofing mix. You could use a garden hose for this purpose.

During your first week away from smoking, focus on every benefit you notice, no matter how tiny. Can you breathe through your nose for the first time in a decade? Did you smell the roses when you went outside today? Have you climbed a flight of steps without feeling quite as winded? Did you buy a new shirt that will never get burn-marks now? Celebrate each and every one of these victories; they’ll whet your appetite for the bigger ones to come.

There is a dream within you, slowly beating away to its own rhythm. It wants to be heard. But it cannot be so if you don’t slow down your mind and your life enough, to hear it.

5 Simple Methods To Market Your Advertising Content

Do you remember when you were young and your parents told you never talk to strangers? Evidently, occasions are altering, as a number of websites have been created to inspire the one-on-1 conversation in between strangers. As adults, we often do have to interact with strangers but most of us attempt to restrict it because we haven’t constructed up a level of trust with a stranger.

Some people believe that because of contemporary technology, previous-school advertising techniques do not work anymore especially when promoting goods on line. This is not so. By sticking to some of the old-school stuff, it can really help you propel in the social media circle, like Facebook. Here are ways on how you can make full use of your Fb fan page.

27.You can include contributors to any of your boards. Use this function to engage your staff and allow them contribute to your Pinterest presence by using including to your business boards. Your employees will adore this, and your boards will be richer for it!

2) You can also do this when your Fb web page is already open up. Merely highlight and copy the link you want to share, click on on the small be aware icon which is in the row of icons under the ‘what’s on your thoughts?’ text box. Paste your hyperlink into the extra box that pops up under the ‘what’s on your thoughts?” textual content box.

Does you company have a Fb web page? If it doesn’t, create one, particularly if you’re recruiting. The acquainted các icon facebook is 1 of the most clickable hyperlinks on the web. You should have it on your website and also on any online advertisements you’re operating. Your job recruitment software program ought to have an updatable class checklist exactly where you can sign-up where a reaction came from. Include Facebook to newspapers, magazines, and assist needed fliers. You’ll find following a couple of months that it outperforms each other medium on that checklist. In this century, electronic media is number 1. Use it or you’ll be lost.

A header is the rectangular region at the top of your homepage that spreads horizontally throughout your screen. It is a fantastic way to promote your brand name or company. Many headers turn out to be so unique that people recognize the brand name primarily based on them. WordPress tends to make it extremely simple to add a header to your web site.

I generally compare Twitter followers to your e-mail or newsletter subscribers. As far as I’m worried it’s all about getting higher high quality followers or subscribers.

You’ll also see comparable outcomes if you do what I do – reply to your followers’ retweets, especially of your updates. Not engaging with your followers could cost you focused followers and money in your pocket!

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